I teach a powerful method of breathe control and sound placement that will 
give you control and confidence in your voice.
If you are working professional, this can make a big difference in 
all kinds of demanding performance environments.  
Or, if you just want to sound good in the shower, I can help. 
Depending on age and experience, we usually begin with the music you most want to sing - 
using tracks or live accompaniment.

Harmony singing is a separate skill from lead singing, 
in that you learn how to listen, breathe, phrase and blend with others to create one sound. 
You'll learn to hear and develop harmony parts and create beautiful sounds together
A vital skill for the working musician or just a way to make beautiful music with others.

For those beginning to learn to sing and play (piano or guitar), we will
develop your ability, step by step, to do them together -
playing music you really want to learn. 

CONTACT:  720-278-9162   peterjonnoble@gmail.com