PRE-SCHOOL                                                   We begin with basic rhythm and movement exercises, 
followed by simple melodies played one finger at a time. 
More skills are added playing with two or more fingers, then both hands together, basic note reading and rhythm, playing favorites by ear - as the student's abilities develop.                

Young students begin with the Alfred method, learning to keep a beat, 
read and listen at the same time, dynamics and phrasing. Theory is taught as it applies to each lesson - helping the student understand and build on knowledge of scales, intervals, chords and rhythm. Ear training is emphasized as a natural part of memorizing music. As skills progress we add music (both written and recorded) that the student chooses along with basic repertoire. Daily practice is the key to progress -  learning how to practice effectively is emphasized.
There will be opportunities to perform at fall and spring recitals.

Experienced and/or older beginners can start from where you are -
developing desired skills while including music that you have played - 
or have always wanted to play. 
Learn basic classical repertoire, pop or show tunes, rock, hip hop, country or jazz. 
There is no age limit - I've had students from ages 3 to 80 years old. 

CONTACT:  720-278-9162   pjnoble0508@gmail.com