Hi, I'm Peter Noble. 
Welcome to my online music studio!
   I have been teaching piano and voice in Nashville and Denver for  over 30 years and have extensive experience working with students of all ages and levels of skill - from beginners to professionals. 
  I teach in a patient, personal style - tailoring lessons to each student's aptitude, ability, and pace. As students gain proficiency, I seek to include music in the lessons that they love - and will want to return to again and again.

CONTACT:  peterjonnoble@gmail.com

                     PIANO INSTRUCTION    

Young students begin with a method book as a basis, learning to keep a beat,
read and listen at the same time, dynamics and phrasing. Theory is taught as it applies to each lesson - helping the student understand and build on knowledge of scales, intervals, chords and rhythm. Ear training is emphasized as a natural part of memorizing music. 
As skills progress we add music (both written and recorded) that the student chooses along with basic repertoire. All forms of music are welcome, classical, rock, jazz, pop, hip hop etc – if the student loves the music they are working on, it becomes personal – a key to motivation and further accomplishment. 
Daily practice is the most important factor to progress - learning how to practice effectively, using physical repetition and improving muscle memory is emphasized. 

Experienced and/or older beginners can start from where you are -
developing desired skills while including music that you have played -
or have always wanted to play.
Learn basic classical repertoire, pop or show tunes, rock, hip hop, country or jazz.
There is no age limit - I've had students from ages 3 to 80 years old.

For those beginning to learn to sing and play (piano or guitar),
we will develop your ability, step by step, to do them together -
playing music you really want to learn. 


I teach a powerful method of breathe control and sound placement that will 
give you control and confidence in your voice.
If you are working professional, this can make a big difference in 
all kinds of demanding performance environments.  
Or, if you just want to sound good in the shower, I can help. 
Depending on age and experience, we usually begin with the music you most want to sing - 
using tracks or live accompaniment.

Harmony singing is a separate skill from lead singing, 
in that you learn how to listen, breathe, phrase and blend with others to create one sound. 
A vital skill for the working musician or just a way to make beautiful music with others.

For those beginning to learn to sing and play (piano or guitar), 
we will develop your ability, step by step, to do them together -
playing music you really want to learn. 

I enjoy working with songwriters of all abilities interested in 
improving their skills to express their creative ideas.
For beginners: to develop an understanding of chords and scales, 
rhythm and basic theory needed 
for learning and using song structure:
intro, verse, chorus, bridge, solo, outro etc. 
Being able to read and write a chart in regular notation or Nashville number system 
to communicate your ideas to others. 

  I am available on Skype and Zoom 
with flexible times throughout the week.

      Lesson rates are: $30 for a half-hour lesson or $60 for an hour lesson. 

Lessons can be paid for using Paypal or Venmo.

To prepare for online lessons you will need:

1. A phone, pad or laptop or webcam. 

2. A pair of headphones or bluetooth speaker for your device might be helpful. 

3. A tripod, music stand or piece of furniture 

to hold your device where a teacher would normally sit.

At an appropriate time I plan to resume in-home and in-studio lessons in 

Jefferson County Colorado.  

     CONTACT: peterjonnoble@gmail.com